Rose Garden (2021)

The storytelling-website “Rose Garden” is a continuation of Mareike’s last two projects together with Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group: “Night and Day” and “Wild Rose”, which were both created together with members of the Transgender community in Tbilisi and are based on their experiences and narrations connected to everyday life and life in the city.

“Rose Garden” takes you through Tbilisi with Amanda, Bart , Etuna, Gabriela, Iulia, Nata, Tako, Veronika and Vova.The lives and experiences of members of the Transgender community are often overlooked and not included when stories about Tbilisi are told. With “Rose Garden” we want to shed a different light on the city in search of stories and narration, that often stay under the surface and are not included in a collective memory of spaces and places. This interactive map looks at various districts and places of Tbilisi and connects them to stories told by members of the Transgender community.

This project was realized in collaboration with with WISG created together with: Amanda, Bart, Etuna, Gabriela, Iulia, Nata, Tamar, Veronika and Vova

Sound design: Ana Jikia, photos: Salome Kinkladze, map design: Tatia Nadareishvili

Click here to get to the website and listen to the stories (So far, the website is only in Georgian language)


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