In 2016, Mareike founded the children’s theatre company აიწონა დაიწონა (AITSONA-DAITSONA) – Georgia’s first emancipatory  theatre for children. Together with a team of six actresses and actors she brings new, emancipatory plays for children to schools and communities centres all over Georgia. AITSONA-DAITSONA is following the example of the renowned GRIPS Theater in Berlin. Two plays by GRIPS theatre’s founder Volker Ludwig are part of AITSONA-DAITSONA’s repertoire and they were thrilled when Volker Ludwig came to visit them in Tbilisi in 2017.

The company is curently performing three plays – two adaptations of plays by Volker Ludwig  “სახლობანა” (original title “Mannomann”) and “შავი ნისლი” (original title “Dicke Luft”) and their own play “თამაში”. So far, around 1000 children have seen their plays. Apart from performances at schools and community centres, they have also been invited to Tskaltubo Art Festival, Goethe Institute Tbilisi, Codnis Cafe Znori, Silk Museum, Mzuri open air theatre and others. In the first year, they received kind support from Women’s Fund in Georgia and the following years, from DVV International.

More photos and information on the work of AITSONA-DAITSONA will follow shortly. You can also visit their facebook page 



სახლობანა (orginal title “Mannomann” by Volker Ludwig)

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