Own Projects

 Own Projects

In 2016, Mareike founded the children’s theatre company აიწონა დაიწონა (AITSONA DAITSONA) – Georgia’s first emancipatory  theatre for children. Together with a team of six actresses and actors she brings new, emancipatory plays for children to schools and communities centres all over Georgia. AITSONA DAITSONA is closely following the methods of the renowned GRIPS Theater in Berlin, whose founder Volker Ludwig has already visited the group in Tbilisi. They are curently performing three plays – two adaptations of plays by Volker Ludwig and GRIPS Theater “სახლობანა” (original title “Mann O Mann”) and “შავი ნისლი” (original title “Dicke Luft”) and their own play “თამაში”. So far, around 800 children saw their plays. The group has also been performing their plays at the Tskaltubo Art Festival, Goethe Institute Tbilisi. In the first year they received kind support from Women’s Fund in Georgia and the following years, from DVV International. More information on the work of AITSONA DAITSONA can be found on their facebook page

2016 – Mareike directed the children’s play “სახლობანა” – the Georgian adaptation of Volker Ludwig’s “Mannomann”, translated by Tamta Melashvili, songs translated by Maia Lipartiani. The play toured to schools and community centres all over Georgia. This tour was kindly supported by Women’s Fund in Georgia.

2015 – “PLAY” a performance and community project for 2nd Tbilisi Triennial in the old theatre Machkhaani/Georgia

2015 – “Welcome” a performance with New Collective/Tbilisi, had been invited to FLARE 15 Festival in Manchester. With a contribution of UK Visa and Immigration Office. Infos here


2014 – “A Supra Of Her Own” 72 hour solo performance in the frame of the exhibition by Tamuna Chabashvili and Agniezka Dudrak @ Gallery Nectar, Tbilisi/Georgia

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2014 – “Three Sisters – The Leaving Party” a workshop performance at CCA (Centre of Contemporary Art) Tbilisi/Georgia, following a workshop with students.

2014 – Urban Street Food Dinner Club – Performance project in public space for Confluence Resonants Festival and Urban Species Festival

2013 – This Seat is Taken campaign against homophobia ans racism in Tbilisi/Georgia and Berlin/Germany

2010/2014 – Salon Tbilisi Berlin – Interdisciplinary performance project

2010 ASA NISI MASA with Christian Mahlow and Stefanie Mühlhan, LOFFT Leipzig



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